Tropical disturbance

We've been monitoring Invest 94-L over the past week as it has swirled out in the tropics. As of now, it is still just a low pressure system located about 175 miles south of Grand Cayman.

Conditions currently are favorable for development, which means that we could see this area become a tropical depression, or even tropical storm, within the next day or two.

The path of this system has changed according to computer models over the past 24 hours. Right now, there is a good chance this area of rainfall will make its way across Cuba and into the Florida Peninsula bringing us beneficial rainfall by this weekend.

However, in order for this to occur, the high pressure currently controlling our forecast and keeping us dry, must scoot off to the east. If the high pressure doesn't budge, then we may see "94-L" move into the Gulf towards south Texas or Louisiana.

Either way, there is no threat for any storm damage in South Florida, simply the chance for some much needed rainfall.

Jamaica, Cuba and Hispaniola remain a different story; the threat of flash flooding and landslides remains due to the tremendous amount of rain that has been falling for several days and looks to continue for at least a few more.

-Meteorologist Kait Parker

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