Heat and drought outlook

It's been a hot and dry spring across south Florida with many folks feeling the crunchy straw beneath their feet where their front lawn used to be.

If you feel like it's been hotter than usual, you're right! April saw above average temperatures for both the daily maximum and minimum.

April Temperature Averages:

Minimum: 65.4 Actual: 72.7
Maximum: 82.1 Actual: 87.6

So we were certainly warmer than normal, but we are also much drier than normal. So dry, all the counties in our viewing area are under "Extreme Drought" conditions. April didn't help out too much, either.

April Precipitation Average:
Average: 3.57" Actual: 0.30"

So the question becomes…when does it end?

Precipitation values for South Florida are usually lower while we are under the influence of La Niña, which has been occurring for the past several months. National forecasters are calling for La Niña to diminish and the El Niño-Southern Oscillation to return to a near-normal state.

That being said, drought conditions are forecasted to improve for our entire area for the start of the wet season through at least July. It's important to remember that it takes a long time to dig our way into a drought, and it is not always a quick fix to come out of it. We will gradually see drought conditions improve over the next several months.

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