Car company takes on the weatherman

In the life of a meteorologist, there is one comment you hear time and time again, "Hey, I sure wish I could be right only half the time and still get paid for my job!"

Very funny, sir, we've never heard that one before! My go-to response is usually, "Do you like baseball? Because they're hitting that ball less than 30% of the time. And I can promise you our batting average at NewsChannel 5 is far better than .300, in fact, we're the Barry Bonds of weather." (You know, without all that alleged illegal steroid usage.)

Well a car company has decided to march against meteorologists nationwide. I'm not sure who at the company got stuck in a giant snow drift at their headquarters in the northeast, but they sure do have a bone to pick with the weatherman.

Here's one example of one of the commercials:

First of all, kind company heads of Subaru, meteorologists actually are REALLY good at counting! I occasionally have to use my toes, however that's only when I run out of fingers.

In all seriousness, to earn a degree in Meteorology or Atmospheric Science, you must take a tremendous amount of math courses…Calculus I-III, Differential Equations, Numerical Methods, etc…but I do appreciate the calculator on your website to let me know how much time I've "wasted" checking the weather online. Why, it's almost as-if I've dedicated my life and career to the subject!

Here is another example:


Graphics department?!?! There are stations that still have graphics departments? That sounds fun; may I have one of those?

In reality, my friends at Subaru, meteorologists make their own graphics, which is an incredibly time consuming and sometimes frustrating process that we go through each and every day. We also make our own forecasts. Wild, I know! Who would've thought?

While I wanted this to have a more light-hearted tone, I can't help but have my feelings a little hurt. Sure, the weatherfolks are an easy target, but why not give us a little credit instead? How about the incredible meteorologists across the south last week that were on the air for two days straight giving warning of imminent tornadoes? While the death toll is staggering, it could have been much higher if it weren't for the wall-to-wall coverage local meteorologists were providing. And what about hurricanes? Did you know that if a hurricane swings this way, Storm Team 5 will be at the station for days straight, eating, sleeping and showering here so we can provide you the most up-to-date coverage to keep you safe?

Sure, a rain shower may pop up every now and then when it's not in our forecast, but when it comes down to the times that your life and property are threatened by severe weather, hurricanes, flooding, blizzards, etc, it's the meteorologist that is there around the clock to stay ahead of the storm and give you all the information you need to keep yourself and your family safe.

Sorry Subaru, but I don't know of any "weathermen" that will be buying one of your vehicles anytime soon, we may think there are "two moons", but like an elephant, we never forget.

-Meteorologist Kait Parker

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