'TUTT'ally awesome weather

Tutt, tutt. Shame on me for not brining this up sooner. It appears pressure has decided to drop it low on the dance floor on the roof deck of the atmosphere.

So what am I talking about? Why, a TUTT low of course! But silly me, I should just say TUTT, because putting "low" after this acronym is actually redundant, but it does help to understand what a TUTT actually is.

TUTT stands for Tropical Upper Tropospheric Trough. In other words, it's an area of low pressure near the tropopause that is maintained by subsidence warming. In other, other words, the upper levels decided to drop their pressure a little bit.

So here is another topic in meteorology that seems like I'm being wishy-washy…however a TUTT can mean a few different things when it comes to our forecast. Let's start with the current impact: clouds. And that's pretty much it. The current TUTT over Cuba will move on out of here, along with the clouds, not having much of an influence on our current weather pattern other than keeping temperatures a degree or two cooler in some spots thanks to that cloud cover.

Now, if we had a tropical disturbance, a TUTT has a much more meaningful impact on our forecast. If it is far enough away, a TUTT can actually provide enough wind shear to inhibit tropical development. Yay for TUTTs!

But hold your horses, because if the TUTT is too close to the tropical system, it can actually aid in its development. Yikes!

TUTTs are not very common, but you can bet we will be keeping a close eye out for them this Hurricane Season to make sure we are providing you the most accurate forecast available.

Meteorologist Kait Parker

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