Waves rush over roads, rip apart docks in Cedar Key

Wrath of TS Debby felt despite weakened storm

CEDAR KEY, Fla. - Incessant waves washed up and over barriers on Dock Street in Cedar Key Monday, showing the power of Mother Nature.

"The tide isn't too high, but the waves are significant," says longtime resident Doug Maple.

Waves tore apart floating docks leaving debris behind, they brought water rushing onto the sidewalk. The sight surprised some residents.

"Just the strength of the storm, the duration of it, all of the rain in a short period of time," says Greg Smith.

City officials closed the road along the shoreline to passing traffic, a warning sign water covered the road. Damaged water pipes forced all the neighboring restaurants to shut their doors, until further notice.

The down time may be a financial bump in the road for business, but the rain is a welcomed sight.

"It's a blessing for us because we've been in a drought. The rain is incredible, it's helping us out immensely," says Kerry Thompson.

The drought shutdown the city's water supply last week, leaving residents to rely on bottled water and tanks set outside by the city. Tropical Storm Debby's rains couldn't have come at a better time.

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