Sizzling summer in the USA

(EndPlay Staff Reports) - New information released by the National Climatic Data Center shows the extent of the heat wave after a month where record-breaking temperatures gripped much of the nation.

The data center reported that 2,285 out of 171,442 daily temperature records were broken and 998 were tied in June. The hottest record-breaking temperature reported was in Yuma County in Arizona where it reached 114 F degrees on June 1, breaking the previous record of 108 F degrees set on June 1, 2004.

National Climatic Data Center created a map that uses red dots for every place where a record was broken or tied. The nation is awash in red except for the northwest, including the states of Oregon and Washington, and some areas along the north.

The information and map, released on Friday, doesn't show the weekend's tallies as record-breaking triple-digit heat was expected through much of the Midwest.

Temperatures are expected to cool this week.

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