Tropical Storm Humberto

Tropical Storm Humberto continues to strengthen,  and it is just 4 MPH from being this season's first hurricane. It now has winds of 70 MPH and is moving west-northwest at 8 MPH. This storm will stay close to the African coast without really impacting any land other than the islands near Africa.

It is still far, far away from us, and it will stay that way, so no need to worry about it.

Now why are we keeping tabs on it?

Well this season has been extremely inactive... Almost record breaking inactive. The latest date of a first hurricane ever was September 11, 2002 with Hurricane Gustav. So Humberto will probably be the second latest first hurricane to ever develop.

Tropical Storm Gabrielle is also back in the news, it revamped itself into a tropical storm earlier. It has max winds of 60 MPH, and it's moving north at 10 MPH. It will not impact Florida or the United States, but Bermuda is bracing for Gabrielle.

Click for more info from the National Hurricane Center

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