Tropical Storm Isaac: Surfers at Stuart's Rocks Beach take to the water

STUART, Fla. - At Rocks Beach in Stuart, surfers said the waves were choppy and only spanned one to two feet. In other words, not the best waves ever. But, that didn't stop them.

About a dozen surfers tried their luck up and down Rocks Beach in Stuart late Saturday morning. It's a favorite local spot for short board riders.

"I'm stoked I finally have something to surf this summer. I've been pretty bored," said surfer Reggie Froom, with a smile.

The 20-year-old is thanking Tropical Storm Isaac for breaking a two-week dry spell. He says surfing is everything to him, so no waves for two whole weeks is the worst.

"We're hoping for storm swells. It's the only good surf we ever get, really," said Froom.

On the mainland in Stuart at a Sunoco on US1, Mike Dunn's mind is far from good surf. The former Marine who served in Vietnam is focusing on preparation.

"I didn't want to be stuck without gas in case we have to take off, you know?" said Dunn, who just finished pumping $74 of gas in his white pickup truck.

Dunn had already been to the store for extra food, batteries, water and cat food. That's just in case the storm threatens his home on Nettles Island in Jensen Beach.

"We're all squared away, ready to go," said Dunn.

Back at Rocks Beach, Peter Merritt of Stuart, 19, is leaving the beach with a surfboard tucked under his arm. He says the waves could be better. Merritt's thinking in the next couple of days, it will pick up and get fun.

"Call this my little warm-up session for the next week," he said.

Many surfers say they're planning on coming back for the next couple days, in hopes the waves get bigger.

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