Residents in southwest Florida are taking the threat of Hurricane Isaac seriously

NAPLES, Fla. - In  Naples, residents board up their homes, streets were empty of traffic and businesses closed early.

"We don't expect a heavy storm. But for our protection, we use this," said Andrew Biewlski, a Naples resident.

His neighbors did the same thing, in hopes of shielding 2-year-old Cristina from her first hurricane. Today was a day for families to grow closer.

"My mom, she told us that we were going to board up," said Blanca Hernandez.

The rain and wind picked up all afternoon, until heavy bands subsided for brief periods. Some packed grocery stores to get last-minute supplies.

"Especially out our way, power goes out frequently in bad weather. I just want to be ready for it in case it lasts more than a few hours," said Naples resident Paul Stacy.

Luis Jerez picked up ice and jelly, to make his family meal complete.

"We're having lamb ribs, and there's a specific recipe that we are eating with mint jelly," said Jerez.

Evacuations were ordered for some of the islands just off the coasts of Collier and Lee Counties.

But so far most on the mainland are being allowed to stay put.

Officials have canceled school for Monday. Shelters are open as well.

The worst of the storm is expected early Monday morning, though no landfall is expected in the southwest portion of the state.

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