Isaac moving away from Keys, locals breathe sigh of relief

Restaurants on Duval stay open through Isaac

Tropical Storm Isaac may have spared Key West, but its arrival was anything but quiet.

Isaac drenched the island and whipped through the trees late Sunday morning into the afternoon, pushing boats onto shore and forcing water over the road. Parts of Duval Street were flooded, but nearby the party went on.

A group of bachelorettes from Houston say the storm added to the fun.

"A lot of bars are closed, but everyone is congregating in one bar. They're making the most out of it, considering we traveled all this way for a hurricane," says Jennifer Haselow.

"It's just the Key West way, there's nothing wrong with it or right with it," says Tricia Davila, who owns the Rusty Anchor restaurant.

Boarded windows and sandbags prove many businesses didn't take the storm lightly. Fortunately for those who stayed open, Isaac didn't intensify into a hurricane, at least not yet.

"Everyone is prepared, it seems like they know what they're doing and they're being smart about partying," says Jamie Gongora, in from Los Angeles.

There's no doubt Isaac posed a serious threat to Key West. 120 people heeded that warning and sought shelter at Key West High School. It's one of four shelters opened by Monroe County Emergency Management, it will close at noon on Monday. 

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