Have your documents ready and keep them safe

If you have to evacuate, you'll want to take necessary and hard-to-replace documents.
Here's a list of what should be in a waterproof, lockable container you can easily grab.

* Checkbook, savings account passbook

* Safe deposit box key

* Birth, death and marriage certificates, divorce decree

* Will and power of attorney

* Social Security card and records

* Military records and medical records (living will, health care surrogacy, etc.)

* Insurance policies

* Health insurance cards

* Retirement account records

* Recent pay stubs, in case you have to document employment to collect benefits

* Tax returns

* Car titles and registrations

* Mortgage deeds or rental agreements

* Warranties and receipts

* Credit cards

* Passports, green cards

* Food stamp, WIC or other benefit cards and paperwork

* List of important phone numbers (relatives, bank, and insurance company)

* Disc on which you back up computer files just before you shut down the computer and evacuate

* Home inventory (on paper, disc or video; you should keep another copy in a safe place)

* A few family photographs or other memorabilia