Hurricane season 2012: Ernesto dying quickly, Tropical Depression 7 hauling itself over the Atlantic

Tropical Depression #7 developed yesterday in the Atlantic Ocean, and is moving very quickly toward the Caribbean. 

It is possible that this Depression could become Tropical Storm Gordon later today or tomorrow.

The current track for this storm looks very similar to, although maybe a little farther north than, Ernesto from last week. 

TD #7 should fall apart due to heavy wind shear in the Caribbean by the middle of next week, or make landfall around the Yucatan peninsula by the end of next week. As of now, it appears as though it will stay well south of South Florida.

Another very vigorous tropical wave is moving off of the African coast today, and could quickly become Tropical Depression #8 or even Tropical Storm Helene within the next couple of days. 

If it does become a storm, current data indicates it will quickly turn northwest taking it out in the open Atlantic, and eventually falling apart by the end of the next week… never coming close to land.

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