Weblets: Searching for scholarships and reality TV stars

LAKE WORTH, Fla. - Most high school athletes dream of earning a college scholarship.  The website Webletes.com wants to help. 

According to founder and CEO Tim Curran, Webletes "is a social media platform for high school athletes to connect with college coaches." 

Curran launched the site last year.  It allows athletes to post video, and information about themselves like height, weight and 40-yard dash times. 

Curran recently went on a 12-city tour, including a stop in Palm Beach County, to find athletes for a reality show. 

"The whole goal of shooting the reality show is, because it's a unique process, the story's never really been told before," said Curran. 

St. Andrew's defensive lineman Malcolm Sherrod attended a recent Webletes football camp at Lake Worth Christian School for one reason:  "Exposure.  Haven't gotten as many looks from colleges as I want to, so hopefully I'll get some after this." 

Sherrod also says he would be good for reality TV.  In fact, he says he'd be even better than "The Situation" from the show "Jersey Shore," because he "gets more girls." 

Sherrod's St. Andrew's teammate, David Rowe, isn't so sure.  He laughed and said, "Ehh, I don't know.  He has a good personality.  I don't know if he gets too many girls." 

Webletes hopes to find ten finalists for the show, and not necessarily football players.  When the selection process is over, Curran expects three-to-five athletes to appear on the program, and they won't necessarily be football players. 

Webletes has partnered with a production company in California, which will produce the show, and shop it to various television networks.

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