Tyler Hunter: FSU player's tweet 'kill cops' outrages police, they demand action

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.-- Banned from tweeting, FSU's football team is paying the price for one player's tirade against police officers.

In a series of tweets, by defensive back Tyler Hunter following a traffic stop, he writes "kill cops." Then moments later "If I said it I meant it."

There is a kill cops lyric from a rap song by "Lil Boosie," who is currently in prison on drug convictions.   

The tweets have sparked outrage among Florida police officers.  The president of the Fraternal Order of Police fired off a letter to FSU's president and head Football Coach Jimbo Fisher.  The letter says "to publically advocate the murder of police officers is outrageous and hateful."

Fisher responded with his own letter. He banned his team from using Twitter and has Hunter in one-on-one counseling with FSU's Chief of Police.  

Some FSU students say the punishment fits the crime.

"If he did mean it, yeah it's great.  If he didn't, it's still a good experience," said FSU Junior Daniel Price.

FSU Junior Graham Morrison said, "Jimbo is doing the right thing I feel."

But it may not be good enough for police who saw 13 of their own killed in the line of duty in 2011, and three more killed so far this year.

After Hunter finishes his sensitivity program, Coach Fisher says the sophomore will make a public apology to police.

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