Tim Tebow is cool and that's 'snow joke' so take that Eli Manning and Tom Brady

SUPERIOR, CO - The Denver Broncos didn't make it to the Super Bowl, but one Colorado family built a salute to Tim Tebow, right in their front yard.
It's a giant snow sculpture of the quarterback "Tebowing."

Tracy Fox and his family said they did it as both a tribute to Tebow, and a sign of their shared Christian faith.

Plus -- they had to do  something  with all the snow that blanketed the area recently.

Fox estimates it took ten tons of snow to make the sculpture.

The snowy Tebow is a hit. It's gone viral on the internet. And, neighbors come by and take pictures.

This isn't the family's first snow creation.

The Foxes said they did a Minnesota Vikings snow sculpture when they lived near the Twin Cities.

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