Tiger Woods surges with 8-under 62

PALM BEACH GARDENS – The old Tiger Woods was back Sunday in the final round of the Honda Classic.

The red shirt, the charge up the leader board, the fist pumps.

Woods started the day at 2-under, nine shots off the lead, but he started his round of 8-under 62 with an eagle on the third hole and ended it with an eagle on the 18th.

That put him at 10-under for the tournament, and two shots behind Rory McIlroy, who started the day with a two-shot lead at 11-under and played a steady, bogey-free round.

McIlroy was just entering The Bear Trap, and Woods was waiting to see if he could get into a playoff.

Here is a recap of Woods' final round:

No. 1 – 365 yard Par 4: One of the easiest holes on the course, and a place to pick up a quick birdie, Woods set himself up for that when his approach stopped 12-feet from the pin. He missed the birdie putt and settled for a par. 2-under.

No. 2 – 464 yard Par 4: Hits a 266-yard drive in the fairway, leaving 177 yards to the pin. Approach comes up short, 41 feet from pin. Poor put leaves testy 5-feet, 1-inch for par. Makes it. 2-under

No. 3 – 538 yard Par 5: Huge drive of 340 yards sets him up well, with 195 yards to the pin. His second shot settles on the green, leaving a putt of 27-feet, 2-inches for an eagle. Sinks it. 4-under.

No. 4 – 376 yard Par 4: Drive of 249 yards ends up in a bunker on the left side of the fairway. A nice out leaves a putt of 29 feet for a birdie, but he misses it to the right and taps in for par. 4-under.

No. 5 – 217 yard Par 3: Sticks his tee shot, leaving putt of 9-feet, 4 inches for birdie. Can't afford to let these opportunities slip by if he is going to make some noise. Makes it. 5-under.

No. 6 – 479 yard Par 4: Drive goes 304 yards and finds fairway. Solid approach from 146 yards is 10-feet, 4 inches from flag. Misses put by 3 inches. Taps in for par. 5-under.

No. 7 – 226 yard Par 3: Tee shot goes just beyond hole, leaving him another 10-foot birdie putt. This time he sinks it and gives a fist-pump. Seems to finally be enjoying himself. 6-under for the tournament, 4-under for the round.

No. 8 – 427 yard Par 4: Finds fairway again with 257-yard drive. Approach from 161 is wide to the right, leaving 27-feet, 5-inch putt for another birdie. Just misses to the right for par. 4-under.

No. 9 – 421 yard Par 4: Drive pushed to the right by the wind, finds first cut of the rough. Approach comes up way short, gets caught in rough around green, meaning he will have to chip from there, with the pin 72 feet away. His chip is within three feet, makes the putt to finish first nine at 4-under, and 6-under for the tournament.

No. 10 -- 508 yard Par 4: His accurate tee shots continue, as he finds the fairway with a 303-yard drive, leaving him 174 yards to the pin, as this hole has been shortened to 481 yards on the final day. Poor approach is on the green but short and right and 58 feet from the flag. Putt is on line but just slides past the cup. Tap in for par. 6-under.

No. 11 – 450 yard Par 4: Another fairway found, Woods uses an iron off the tee and is 154 yards from the flag. Approach on this hole is over water, with pin tucked close to edge of green closest to the pond that guards the green. Woods goes at flag, and finds small patch of green between the cup and pond and has 14-foot putt for birdie. Woods needs birdie since McIlroy is churning out par after par and doesn't look like he will fall back. Putt looks like it is pulling away from hole but catches edge and falls in for a birdie that keeps the charge alive. 7-under, and 5-under on the day.

No. 12 – 427 yard Par 4: Another shot in the middle of the fairway leaves Woods 162 yards from the flag. His approach is within 18 feet, but his birdie slips past. Has to settle for par. 7-under. Just after this, McIlroy birdies the eighth, and that puts Woods back to five shots off the lead with five to play. That may settle the issue.

No. 13 – 388 yard Par 4: Drive of 266 yards finds first cut of rough on left side, leaving short approach of 108 yards. Approach spins just off green into fringe, leaving 14-foot putt. Badly needs it after McIlroy's birdie, but it breaks away from hole and he settles for par. 7-under.

No. 14: 465 yard Par 4: This tee shot just misses three bunkers but stays in the fairway. Approach from 189 yards is short and to the right, leaving 17-feet, 4-inches for must-have birdie if he is going to have any chance of winning for the first time since 2009. But the putt stays on the high side of the hole. 7-under.

No. 15: 179 yard Par 3: It is Tiger versus first hole of The Bear Trap, and The Bear Trap nearly won. Woods tee shot just makes it over the water and is in deep rough between the rock wall and the green, 66 feet from the cup. He chips to 6 feet and makes putt. 7-under.

No. 16: 434 yard Par 4: In the fairway after a 261-yard drive, Woods has 191 yards to the pin. His approach stays to the right and leaves him another long putt for birdie, this one 27 feet. The put never

has a chance as it goes 4 feet past the pin.

No. 17: 190 yard Par 3: Tee shot to 24-feet, 8 inches. Makes the putt. 8-under.

No. 18: 556 yard Par 5: A 325-yard drive just in the rough and sets him up for a chance to go for the green. His approach barely clears the water, but gets a nice bounce and ends 8-feet from the cup. Sinks it for an eagle. It is an 8-under 62 and puts him at 10-under for the tournament.