Stacey McKinley: South Florida trainer has a ringside seat to help develop budding boxers

Every boxer has to start their journey somewhere; for most it's the amateur boxing circuit.

"This is where it all starts, this is where it all comes from and emulates from," said Sam Cohen vice president of the Florida Boxing Hall of Fame.

Through the history of the sport, amateur boxing cards have been extremely important to the growth of fighters and the sport itself.
Florida has always been a place where some of the all-time boxing greats have trained.

John Daddono is the founder of the International Boxing Organization and every year he host several local amateur boxing cards.

"These young kids they develop, some of them go on to superstar status fighters, world champions or world ranked contenders," said Daddono.
Recently one of the best trainers in the world has been spending most of his time working with amateur boxers.

Stacey McKinley has worked with some of the most notable boxers around including the likes of Mike Tyson and Ray Mercer.

For the first time in his career McKinley is training a female boxer. Chasity Martin is the junior division Golden Gloves champion and she along with a few other amateur boxers have re-energized McKinley.

"I went back in time where somebody helped me and I started having fun with it, it became fun again because working with the kids is easy. Whatever you tell them to do they're going to do it, they try hard and they work hard," said McKinley.

According to the long-time trainer it can also be less of a headache than working with professional fighters.

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