Soccer camp held at Florida Atlantic University teaches kids the fundamentals of the sport

BOCA RATON, Fla. - During the holiday break, local students had the chance to participate in a sport that's growing every year.

This week in Boca Raton, Florida Atlantic University held a soccer camp for kids working on the fundamentals of the sport.

"You have to make it fun, and fun means that they're interacting with one another," said Tom Newell, a soccer coach at FAU. "And scoring goals is always what you want to try and do, so if they score some goals, run around, and compete a little bit, then they'll have a fun time."

Some parents start their kids off playing soccer to keep them active. In the United States, soccer is certainly growing, but it will never be considered as popular as football, basketball, or baseball.

"Ever since I was young growing up in England, it's just what you do," said Jordan Kelly, a former soccer player at FAU. "Here in America there's lots of sports and stuff, but in England, you're playing soccer, that's all you're playing."

Recently the game did see it's popularity rise locally.

"We didn't expect to boom as much as it did, but due to the World Cup and the players they had on the magicJack, people were talking about it and raving about it and looking forward to going to games," said Kos Donev, the FAU men's head soccer coach.

Now that the magicJack soccer team will no longer be in Boca Raton, only time will tell if the game of soccer will continue to boom in Palm Beach County.

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