Palm Beach Surf Forecast, Updated local surf forecast for SE Florida

Updated: July 8, 2014 - Detailed Surf forecast for the Palm Beaches and Treasure Coast:

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, I've been out of town then came back to get slammed at work thanks to Arthur!!!

Rewind: Well, Arthur did not produce any goods for us.  There were a few late afternoon/evening seshes that reported some rideable surf in north county but it was nothing great. Looked like New Smyrna had at least one real good day.  What happened? well, there was never any real fetch on the west side of the storm to push some swell down our way.  Everything was on the east side, pointing straight north.  maybe next time.

Weather Synopsis: Bermuda high out in the Atlantic giving a light SE flow across the state.  That'll keep us flat for a while. It will also bring a small waist high wave to the wave magnet of New Smyrna all week. July is historically our flattest month so don't get too excited for much.  Maybe it's time for a  trip.  Central America has been going off lately. That's a good place to start. 

The Low Down

Water Temps:  83. 

TUESDAY-THURSDAY: Pretty much flat.  Small background swell for central Florida.

FRIDAY: Possibly a small bump up in SE windchop up to knee high. Wind: SE 10-15kts.

LOOKING AHEAD, LONG RANGE FORECAST:  The only thing I see in the forecast is some small SE windchop around the As we say goodbye to Arthur, we go back to summer flatness with maybe a couple possibilities for some small SE windchop around the 21st-ish from a tropical wave moving south of us.

It's looking likely that an El Nino is here.  The strength of the El Nino may be similar to 1997's el Nino.  Traditionally, an el nino summer means less hurricanes and tropical storms.  A look at the 1997 hurricane season shows that fact well.

Less doesn't mean none though, The year Andrew hit was a very slow year.  So be prepared every year. 

El nino years bring some erratic tracks too, which can be good for surf if we get a storm to do some loops out there.  El Nino years also keep the tropical activity close to home.  A lot of home grown type storms that develop close to land, and fewer long track storms that cross the Atlantic.

El ninos usually last about a year though and as we go into next winter, we could be looking at a very good surf season.  Also, I've researched the past 5 el ninos and made a startling discovery.... 4 out of 5 hurricane seasons AFTER the el nino years were off the charts with activity.  20+ storms form. We shall see.

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Next update Wednesday night, May 28th.

Still trying to find another computer to do the IMPACT ZONE show on.  Hang in there!  I'll find one!


NAO:  (We're looking for it to be negative in the winter)

The Arctic Oscillation: (looking for negative in the winter)

The PNA (we are looking for this to be POSITIVE in the winter)


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