Palm Beach Surf Forecast, Updated local surf forecast for SE Florida

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Surf forecast for the Palm Beaches and Treasure Coast.

REWIND:  We had some fun windchop on thanksgiving now it's gone flat.


 High pressure building in behind a front will kick the winds up over the weekend. Building windchop saturday and Sunday as the wind and waves turn from the east-northeast to the southeast. size around knee/waist high. 

Wind turns south, then southwest on Tuesday afternoon which will clean up anything leftover, a small south swell possible in the afternoon before it gets blown flat.

Stronger front pushes through around Friday which could give us our first shot of refraction swell.



WAVE HIGHLIGHTS:   Weekend: knee/waist high windchop,  Monday: knee/waist high SE windchop: Wednesday: small/clean south swell possible.

SATURDAY: Building East-northeast windchop.  Knee/waist high. Wind ENE 20kts.

SUNDAY: Thigh/waist high east-souteast windchop. A little bigger than Saturday.  Wind ESE 20kts.

MONDAY:  Knee/waist high southeast windchop. Wind southeast 20-25kts.

TUESDAY:  Wind turns south, then southwest. Could see a brief period of clean-ish south swell, especially spots to the south.

WEDNESDAY-THURSDAY: Wind dies down, surf drops fast.

FRIDAY-SATURDAY: Possibly a stronger cold front moves through kicking up our Northwest winds and giving us a chance to see some refraction action.


So far the season has been pretty lack luster with a whole lot of windchop, wimpy cold fronts and only two swells. 

It looks like shots of cold air will make a charge at the Midwest, however instead of cold penetrating south, most of it goes east and misses us (in general) That usually means more onshore winds and not a lot of swell.  We should get a few that line up right though.  Next weekend looks like our best bet right now. Even then the winds turn onshore very quickly, but we may be able to squeak out a day of refraction swell from it.

Another strong front around the 15th may be another chance.



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