Palm Beach Surf Forecast, Updated local surf forecast for SE Florida

Updated: May 27, 2016 - First, For those who haven't heard, My buddy is still missing in the Dominican Republic.  It's been a while now.  His board was still in the rental house when he went missing, and some clothes.  His surf buddy left early and took his board and computer back to Florida.  He was last seen either at a surf shop in Cabarete or at the beach bar called Eze January 27th evening. His wallet with money and credit cards were found in the water recently in the same area as the beach bar.  Also, his phone was found in the back of the rental car. All the data got wiped because the worker found it and gave it to his girlfriend instead of turning it in.  Please if you know anyone down there share this information so everyone can be on the lookout for him. There is a massive search going on right now.  Although his board was found in the rental, nothing can be ruled out at this time.  He could be on land or in the water. With this amount of time that has gone by let's hope the water. All leads so far have been exhausted.

Now they need help with the costs, Check out the GOFUNDME page:

I appreciate anything you can do to get the word out. Reward is now up to 1,000,000 RD pesos.


Surf forecast for the Palm Beaches and Treasure Coast.

REWIND: Some small windchop past couple days. Little pulse came Thursday evening but didn't last long.


Hurricane Hunters went out to the disturbance east of the Bahamas and found enough to call it a tropical depression. The forecast strengthens it to Bonnie and maxes it out at only 45mph.  The problem is the main fetch is pointed more at south Carolina than here as it crosses into south Florida's swell window.  However, that's a different story for areas north of Palm Beach County. Enough fetch and strength has formed to send an east, to ENE swell starting Saturday. The farther upcoast you go the longer the swell will last as the storm tracks up toward Charleston South Carolina.

Size isn't going to be all that big, but a fun waist to chest high mid-period swell will fill in. Probably pretty consistent due to how close the storm is to Florida.

There also could be a little swell trickle down into northern PBC on Saturday and Sunday. So if you can't travel, it'll be worth a check for some local swell up to waist hi.

Now the local winds. High pressure still in place keeping on onshore flow going for Saturday.  So expect it to have some chop on it.  By Sunday, the pressure gradient relaxes and winds go light.  Offshore in the morning then onshore in the afternoon. As the swell drops on Memorial day, it'll clean up a bit more.


SATURDAY: Building ENE/E swell from TD2. knee-waist northern PBC, waist, building to chest for the treasure and space coast. Wind NE/E 10-15kts putting some chop on it.

SUNDAY:  Knee-waist early PBC, waist high with some chest hi sets early upcoast. Clean with light wind in the morning, becoming NE in the afternoon giving it some texture. Swell fades some through the day.  Wind: NE 5-15kts.

MEMORIAL DAY:  Knee high and clean in the morning PBC, Knee-waist high for the treasure coast northward. Light offshore wind in the morning, onshore seabreeze in the aftenoon.

NEXT WEEK: Bonnie swell fades off. Not much else expected until Friday. Possible small longer period swell filling in Friday and next weekend.


Long range models have been changing a lot lately so not a lot of confidence in the extended forecast. They are starting to show a decent fetch north of Bermuda that pushes south which would give a small longer period swell late week/weekend.  Then later on I'm starting to see some hints of tropical activity in the Caribbean that may get pulled north toward us, giving us a rare shot of south swell.  Keep checking back! 

Next Update: SATURDAY ,  Check my IG and twitter accounts for current updates...

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