Palm Beach Surf Forecast, Updated local surf forecast for SE Florida

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Surf forecast for the Palm Beaches and Treasure Coast.

REWIND:  More waist to chest high windchop over the weekend. It's been fun at some spots. Some man-o-war out there, lots of jack and other toothy sea creatures.  Looks like even Katharine the great white shark may pay us a visit




High pressure to our north will push south to just about right on top of us as low pressure moves offshore of New England. This will calm our winds down by Wednesday.  That low moves southeast and ends up being in our swell window for a little bit, which will send some longer period energy our way. It's just going to take a week.  It's not locked in 100% yet, I'll keep you posted on any changes.

Until then the windchop will die out and we will have about a 5 day flat spell. (more if that low doesn't pan out) Might be good for the sandbars to recover from all the onshore winds.



MONDAY: Waist/stomach+ high east windchop. Wind ESE 15-25kts. Fading groundswell upcoast but still chest/shoulder high plus. Wind lighter with a little south in it in central Florida.

TUESDAY: Knee-thigh high SE windchop for PBC. fades to flat through the day.  Upcoast groundswell fades more to waist-chest high. Wind still onshore but more southeast.

WEDNESDAY-SATURDAY: The end of the wind! Surf goes flat with just a light wind.


The low that moves off New England right now is forecast to be in a favorable position to send swell. The newest model run keeps the low out there to send a couple pulses our way.  If the forecast holds, we will see a longer period swell arrive sometime late Sunday or Monday. Just as a cold front moves through and west to WNW wind picks up behind it. That also could give us some refraction action.  Looks like local winds may stay offshore a while too which would be great with some swell in the water.  Looking farther out a few strong lows may barrel through the south then up the Appalachians. This storm track doesn't bring much groundswell, but it does give us the chance to see quick shots of refraction swell. 

There are some indications winter may start to kick in for us in February.  February normally slows down a bit for us but since the winter never kicked into gear down here, February may end up being a pretty good month. 


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