The Impact Zone - Episode 13

Your local source to the surfing world in south Florida.  A forum to unite the south Florida surfing community.

This show will be un-scripted and raw, using your questions and comments to help steer the topics.

Plus, get a full surf forecast breakdown for the next week with meteorologist James Wieland.

****Tonight's episode we'll recap the Beryl swell, talk about upcoming local events, chat about Slater and the world tour at Fiji, and of course the possibility for any swell this week, and much, much more!  ****


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Links from tonight's show:

1. Beryls of Fun, ESM Feature

2. The Beauty of Beryl - Atlantic Surf Life Feature

3. Gulfster Beryl Pictures of Juno

4. Leon Legot's Beryl photos from Brevard County.

5. Vero Beach's Oliver Kurtz lands the cover of TransWorld Surf  

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