Surfing dog teaches the disabled to surf

Escondido, CA - They say a dog is a man's best friend, but in California, there's a golden retriever that's more than a friend-- she's a teacher!

The dog's been helping disabled people learn how to surf!

Exactly two years ago -- Ricochet (or Ricky) a three year old golden retriever was in the water with a paraplegic teenager who loved surfing.

patrick: "Ricochet jumped off of her board and jumped on my back, so you could see everyone in the beach and water, the light bulbs turn on....wait a second this could work!"

"I wanted her to make a difference in one life as a service dog and she's touched millions and millions now." says Judy Fridona, Ricochet's owner.

Since then this water pup has helped dozens of disabled people catch waves, and her owner says ricky knows just what to do to keep each person hangin 10.

Read more about Ricochet the SURFice dog here.

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