Spring break brings trash to our beaches

Florida State's spring break was last week, Palm Beach County was this week, and the Treasure Coast is coming up next weekend (26th-3rd)....and that means more people at the beach, more people in the water, and more trash thrown everywhere.  Not only is it unsightly and nasty, it is killing our wildlife and choking the environment.

The past few years it seems to be getting worse and worse.  I'm always disgusted getting out of the water at the end of the day and seeing the sand look like a dump.  I mean, who do these people think are going to clean up after them?  Nobody is paid to clean the beach, there are not beach janitors or housekeepers.  There are just people like you and I who love the beach, hate slobs who leave there trash, and take it upon ourselves to pick up some garbage and throw it in the trash can on the way out. 

We're probably not going to stop people from littering (although if I see someone, I will let them know), so we all should do our part in helping to keep the beach clean.  One person can't do it all but if we all pick up a couple pieces on our way off the beach...we can make a difference.

I challenge everyone to do just that, and to let it be known that we will not stand for litter bugs at our local beaches...whoever they are.

There are some great organizations out there that time and time again come to our rescue and clean the beaches with dedicated people volunteering their time to help keep our beaches beautiful.

The Surfrider Foundation hold frequent beach cleanups at several Palm Beach county beaches.  In fact, they have one this weekend at Ocean Reef Park on Singer Island.
Check out their website for more details:
Palm Beach County Surfrider Foundation
Treasure Coast Surfrider Foundation

We also have the dedicated Sand sifters who are always making a difference in Boynton Beach.  They have a big beach clean-up event coming up in April.  Check their website for more info: http://www.sandsifters.us/

The Friends of Jupiter Beach also keep the beaches tidy, Check them out at: http://friendsofjupiterbeach.com/

If you know any other organization that regularly does beach clean-ups, send me an e-mail and I will add it.  If I get enough, I'll make a separate section that will outline their schedules. jwieland@wptv.com


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