Road construction may keep you from surf, know before you go

Most of us surfers have limited time to hit the beach and get a quick surf sesh in.  Between work, family, and other responsibilities, there is limited time to catch some waves.  The last thing we want is to be bolting to our favorite break in the morning, just to find a road work or detour sign up, directing us away from the beach.

There are a few projects you need to know about so you can get to the beach quickly next time there are waves.

East Ocean Avenue Bridge in Lantana

If you're trying to get to Lantana public beach, The bridge going from the mainland over to the island is closed, and will be for almost two years. They are building an entire new bridge. They will demo the old one and build a new one in the same location as the old.  Detours are coming from the south use the Boynton bridge, and coming from the north, hop over at lake worth. 
More info on the bridge closure
. , More on the new bridge design

A1A from Southern Blvd to Sloan's Curve

Closed both directions through about August 2012 while they replace an aging sewer main. Full completion will be in December.  If you find small surf at Lake Worth Pier and decide to drive north to check palm beach, You will have to go back over the bridge and take US1 or Dixie into West Palm to get back over to the island. and Vise-versa.  This will add quite some time to your drive. If you want to go to Phipps Park or the Palm Beach Par 3 golf course, you will have to access that from the south, by using the lake bridge, then go north on A1A.
More info on the closure , More info from the County

Flagler Memorial Bridge (North Bridge) to Palm Beach

They are building a whole new bridge, but it will be just south of the old one so traffic will be able to continue to pass.  There will be periodic closures while cranes and barges are maneuvered around.  The new bridge will be about 4 feet higher, but a lot wider. Four lanes will be 2ft wider each, along with bike lanes, a center median and sidewalks.  The design will be similar to the Royal Park (middle) Bridge. It is expected to be finished in 2014.  More info on the new Flagler Memorial Bridge.

The Southern Bridge has also been given the green light to be replaced in the next couple years.  Timeline is TBD.

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