South Florida artist Peter Agardy featured in Florida Sports Authorities, Boynton Beach surf shop

From canvas to cotten

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - Surfboards were Peter Agardy's original canvas. "I paint and am inspired by things seasonally. If the tuna are running, I'll paint the tunas," said Peter Agardy .

Now, Agardy has branched out to clothing, and he's caught the attention of beach-goers up and down the state. "It was only natural to paint my passions and what I was really involved in."

His marine art designs are so popular, major retailers are taking note. Sports Authorities across the state are now carrying his apparel under the brand "Shore Thing. "

As for the surf boards, he's still painting those. And it's not just about the design. "I've got to be mindful of texture, and how much paint I'm laying on the board and of course, the usage of the board."

The "board" room at Nomad Surf Shop in Boynton Beach is filled with boards of all shapes, sizes and Agardy's signature artwork. "When I get the reaction from my friends, the public, when they see my things, that is what gets me really excited."

 Agardy has turned his passion into a profession and the hope that success is a "shore thing". 

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