Dangerous debris could have had a devastating effect on local sea life and reefs

Look what diver just hauled in!! A large fishing net was found drifting in about 12 feet of water, off the coast of Palm Beach, between Mar-a lago and the Bath and Tennis Club.

Volunteers spotted the derelict or "ghost" net on Sunday, but it was far heavier than they thought. So they returned with a team of volunteers from Palm Beach County Reef  Rescue on Monday, thanks to the folks at Narcossis Dive Charters.

They retrieved the net, which was still coiled--prompting speculation it had fallen off a boat.

Divers managed to free several sea creatures that were entangled, including lobster and a small shark.
They admit it could have been much worse if it had drifted over some of the nearby coral reefs. Large nets like that also pose a serious threat to sea turtles.

It was one challenge getting the net on the Narcossis, and quite another getting it off! On the bottom are a thousand pounds of weights.

If you are ever out and see nets, trash, spills, or anything out of the ordinary, you can report it to www.SEAFAN.net

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