A local kayaker fights to reel in a white marlin during a fishing tournament in the Bahamas

Camera records the huge fish pulling the kayak

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - Drifting in the Atlantic blue, Joe Kraatz was enjoying the second day of the Extreme Kayaking Fishing tournament in the Bahamas, until his line was hooked by a white Marlin.

Kraatz said, “I had a person hanging on the back of my kayak that was filming and it was dragging both of us.”

An underwater camera shows the huge fish pulling the boat along, as it’s trying to shake free.

“I started putting tension on it. That’s when it really took off,” said Kraatz.

Kraatz fought to hold on for at least an hour, before finally reeling the prize in. Extreme Kayak Fishing owner Joe Hector heard the call on the radio.

“Marlin, marlin marlin,” Hector said. “I said, 'what kind of Marlin is it?' and they said 'white Marlin. Someone’s hooked up.' ”

Hector said this experience was a first for his tournament and for fisherman Kraatz since no one’s ever pulled in Marlin while on a kayak.

The catch won Kraatz the Billfish Division.

After the fish was caught, Kraatz did let it go, but he wasn’t the only fisherman who hooked a marlin Saturday. 

Another fisherman tried to reel in a 500 pound blue marlin, but after 11 hours of fighting, the line snapped and the fish got away.