Miami Marlins pitchers and catchers report to Jupiter for spring training

JUPITER, Fla. - On Wednesday, pitchers and catchers for the Miami Marlins reported to Jupiter. With so many key acquisitions made this off season, the buzz surrounding this team is bigger than ever.

"Every year brings a new chapter, that first day brings the excitement and stuff. It's been exciting and it's going to get even better," said Ricky Nolasco, a Marlins pitcher.

The Marlins signed the top closer on the free agent market, along with starting pitchers Carlos Zambrano and Mark Buerhle. Both have excellent relationships with new manager, Ozzie Guillen.

"There was a thought at how good Ozzie is with the family and you know what you're going to get," said Mark Buerhle, a Marlins pitcher. "I know he likes to have kids in the club house and stuff, as much as we're traveling and being away from the family I want to see them as much as we can. That was a deciding factor, yeah."

Those new players have brought along higher expectations for the Marlins. Not just from fans, but from within the organization.

"When you look at the type of talent that they went out and got and the type of players we already had here, I think it put us in a good spot to win some ball games and be able to compete at that next level," said Marlins first baseman, Gabby Sanchez.

Full squad workouts for the Miami Marlins begin Sunday.

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