Miami Heat's victory over OKC Thunder: Still no love in Cleveland for LeBron James

CLEVELAND - Fans watching the NBA Championship game at different Cleveland bars Thursday night told NewsChannel5 they were "disgusted" by the outcome.

"I think that evil wins again and I'm getting used to it because I live in Cleveland but I'm still disgusted," Brandon Terry said.

"I just think it's unfortunate. You know we continue to have this civilization that's all about followers. I'm about leaders. He left this city. It was a whack decision to leave. Not only did he leave, but then he also neglected to really provide a proper reason why he was leaving. It's just unfortunate," Heather Terry said.

The Miami Heat beat the Oklahoma City Thunder Thursday night 121-106, winning the series four games to one.

"I think OK, could have done better man, could have played a little more defense. But LeBron got it man. I'm no hater man. He did what he did man. it was a cool game though," Jimmy Anderson said.

James told the media, "I made a difficult decision to leave Cleveland but I understood what my future was about."

He also said the title meant everything to him. He said he wants to celebrate it with his team and the Heat fans.

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