Miami Heat LeBron James: LeBron Jr. balcony shot video. Bronny's Trick Shot shown on Today Show

Like father, like son

It started with a simple post from LeBron James on his Twitter account: "I've seen a lot of highlights the last couple of days but none better than this one."

That link took you to

And, there, under a headline, "Bronny's Trick Shot," was posted the video that can be seen above, with the headline, "LeBron Jr's trick shot from the balcony."

Above the video was the caption, "Nice trick shot here from LeBron Jr, it must be the genes! He goes 1 for 4 from the balcony. You don't want it with this kid in H-O-R-S-E."

Like father, like son.

The video was shown Thursday morning on NBC's Today Show.

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