Miami Dolphins plane crash: Team's American Airlines jet involved in minor crash at airport

The Dolphins' team plane carrying players and coaches back to South Florida after their loss to the Dallas Cowboys backed into another plane on the runway.

According to the FAA, the the Dolphins charter, an American Airlines jet, was pushed back into another parked American Airlines plane in a cargo area of the airport used for sports charters.

The collision caused minor damage to a wingtip on the Dolphins charter. There were no injuries.

American brought over a replacement plane and the charter flight left around 4 am.

The incident happen before the jet reached the tarmac and before the plane was in contact with air traffic control.

"It rocked the entire plane," Dolphins broadcaster Joe Rose said on his sports radio show (WQAM 560-AM) early Thursday morning. Rose was aboard the plane.

"It was totally crazy. I just couldn't believe it."

Rose also said HBO's "Hard Knocks" crew was on board and began filming the incident for the final episode, set to air next Tuesday.

Rose said the team was stranded for three hours at the airport early Thursday morning until they could board a replacement plane.

The FAA said the charter left Dallas Fort Worth Airport at around 4 a.m.

"So tired and haven't even left Dallas yet," receiver Brian Hartline said on Twitter. "Aaaaand the rumor is we backed into another plane... On the runway #awesome! Anyone else awake?"

The new plane landed in South Florida safely this morning at 7:30 a.m, said Rose.

"8:08 am. Just got home from Dallas. Longer trip ever!" quarterback Matt Moore said on Twitter.

"Eight hour ordeal .. What a day #4thumbsdown," Cameron Wake tweeted.

"This is not real plane backed into another plane right before take off," Jared Odrick tweeted.

The Dolphins lost 30-13 to wrap up their third winless preseason in franchise history.