Meet Donald Chornak, the 'starter' at The Honda Classic

There is a familiar voice at the start of every player's journey.  Donald Chornak is Starter and has been for the better part of five decades. 

He announces every player, and frequently forms a special bond with them. 

Jason Bohn introduced himself to Chornak Friday.

"Mr. Bohn, good to see you.  I wouldn't forget you.  I've enjoyed your career with you and you're a heck of a guy," Chornak replied.

He never seems to forget a name nor how to pronounce it.  A few years back, he announced an LPGA player.  He had heard more than a year before that the woman had never heard her home pronounced properly, so he learned the details and waited to cross paths with her. 

"From twenty miles from Tangambalanga, at the foot of Mount Marambarambannong, in Yackandandah, Australia, please welcome Karen Permezel," he said.

He did it properly and he received a hug from the player. 

"I'm happy I made her happy," he said.

Donald says the game of golf has been good to him.

"Yes, I am an optimist, I keep thinking that for as long as I have been living, it's unusual that I would have this pleasure."

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