Mark Zembrowski: The voice of the 17th hole at The Honda Classic

With hundreds of spectators packed into the stands at the Bear Trap, hole 17 at The Honda Classic has its own soundtrack.

The players must tee off then wind around a challenging maze of water features and sand traps.

"It's interesting that you hear the striking of the ball after it happens, the delay.  Oh wow, great shot!  Two good shots," remarked Karen Benson and her husband Doug from the stands.

By the time the players have walked to the hole, the crowd has escalated its volume to a dull roar. That's where Mark Zembrowski steps in, "Quiet please!  Thank you."  He says, his arms up.

Zembrowski works as a Realtor in Jupiter, but has a background in the bar and dining industry.  The tone of his voice has been finely tuned from those years.

"A lot of people call me the voice of 17," he said.

The Bensons quietly watched, chatting with each other at appropriate intervals. 

Karen said, "I'm surprised those people are so loud over there, which is part of the same hole."

Doug said, "Yeah, they are in a box which is sponsored by somebody."

While Zembrowski can quiet the people, nature is a different story.  Birds flap and dive into the water, they squawk at each other, and alligators meander by, surprising spectators. 

At the end of the tournament, Zembrowski's pipes take a break. 

"Monday I'm a little hoarse, because through the weekend, almost every golfer, I have to yell," he laughed.

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