'Loser Keeps Bieber' billboard pops up before U.S. plays Canada in Olympic hockey game

SKOKIE, Ill. (WXYZ) - A company just outside of Chicago has raised the stakes for today's upcoming Olympic hockey game between the United States and Canada.

Command Sign, a billboard company based out of Skokie, Ill. used their billboard to put up a sign saying "Loser Keeps Bieber."

The sign refers to Canadian singer Justin Bieber, who has been in trouble with the law recently, and even had a petition to deport Bieber on the Whitehouse.gov website, which has over 260,000 signatures.

There is also a friendly bet on the game between U.S. President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. They are betting cases of beer on the game.

The billboard features a U.S. hockey player and a Canadian hockey player with Bieber in the middle.

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