South Fork HS surfer is ESPN 760 Superstar

South Fork HS surfer is ESPN 760 Superstar

JUPITER, FL - Surfing is a great way to get some sun, cool off and even get some exercise. It has also brought a local phenom and his father closer together.

Nathan Behl feels at home at the beach. The 15 year old from South Fork High School, loves to rip up the waves every chance he gets.

Behl recently finished third in the E-S-A East Coast Championships, after winning the Treasure Coast district. But Behl wasn't always a surfer, he loved to play a variety of sports growing up, just like most kids his age.

"I'll never forget when he was good at baseball, I asked him if he wanted to sign up and he said 'no, I think I want to surf.' I was like, 'ok, that sounds good to me!' " said his father Greg.

And why not surf, especially when you have so much talent.

"I'm so proud of Nathan, he's just made us realize that he's just a good kid and he really wants to make all this happen for him," his dad boasts.

Nathan was the P-A Barbaque superstar of the month, and he's destined to see more awards in the future, since he started at such a young age

"Since I was ten, so five years, it's just like the funnest thing ever," Nathan says.

So much fun, it even gives Nathan a chance to bond with his farther.

"It's always good to surf with him, it doesn't matter if it's good or bad. But when it's good, it makes it even more fun," Greg says.

Nathan also volunteers his time with Christian Surfers of Jupiter to help give free surfing lessons to those in the area. Nathan has natural talent. His grandfather, Dr. 'Chummer' McCranels, and his uncle, Dr. Scott McCranels, are both members of the Surfing Hall of Fame.