Palm Beach County School Board released a statement after the arrest of former HS coach & teacher

The Palm Beach County School District released a statement on Tuesday on the alleged grade change scandal of former high school teacher and football coach, Michael Dudeck.

Michael Dudeck is accused of falsifying summer school transcripts to keep some football players on the field.

The statement released by Nat Harrington, spokesman for Palm Beach County School District stated, three students were affected by the grade change allegations, two students at Forest Hill High School and one student at Dwyer High School.

After further investigation the school board determined the grades provided by Mr. Dudeck were not valid.

According to statement, the Forest Hill High School students were "deemed ineligible to play football by the school and were not allowed to play at the point their grades rendered them ineligible."

The student at Dwyer High School was allowed to continue playing football, "due to insufficient information to conclude that the grade was incorrect and that the student was ineligible."

The students affected by the incident will be given the opportunity to earn the credits needed through Florida Virtual School, a credit recovery computer-based program for high school students.

"Forest Hill High School and Dwyer High School are in the process of preparing communication to the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) to explain the effects the grade issue had on their students and games," the school board statement stated.

"It is unclear at this time how Dwyer's football program may be affected following a FHSAA review of the facts."

Forest Hill High School's football program will not be affected, according to the statement release.

The letters sent to FHSAA are expected letters to be completed in the next few days.

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