Lance Armstrong video: 'It's time to move forward,' cyclist speaks on fight against cancer

(CNN) -- A new video from Lance Armstrong doesn't mention the word "doping," but reinforces the cyclist's commitment to the fight against cancer amid the latest chapter in a saga of allegations.

"It's time to move forward," he says in a video posted on the Livestrong website. "It's time to talk about a different fight."

Livestrong is the popular brand name of the Lance Armstrong Foundation, which Armstrong founded in 1997 to promote cancer awareness.

A testicular cancer survivor, Armstrong gave the keynote speech for the UICC World Cancer Congress in Montreal Wednesday. He reiterated a sentiment from the speech in the video: "I refuse to be distracted. This organization refuses to be distracted."

Armstrong has repeatedly denied allegations of illegal doping, but announced last week he would give up his fight against these charges. He could lose the seven Tour de France titles he's racked up if the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency has its way, although other groups are questioning the agency's authority.

Livestrong was flooded with supportive messages and calls in the wake of these developments, president and CEO Doug Ulman told CNN.

"Ultimately we have to go on down the road and continue to fight this disease with all of our passion, all of our hard work, and all of our partners, and that includes you," Armstrong said in the video.
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