Jim Harbaugh buys khakis at Walmart, drives his wife crazy

Have you ever tried to sideline your husband's fashion choice before he heads out the door? If so, you will relate to the wife of 49ers coach, Jim Harbaugh. 

Sarah Harbaugh told a San Francisco radio station that she has had it with her husband's pleated khaki look!

To make it extra clear that she is not to blame, she said she has even tried throwing out a bunch of his pants, but he went straight to Walmart and purchased a few pairs.

Harbaugh's wife also told the radio station that her husband's look is not a superstition because he wears them postseason

As of late Wednesday, it appeared Harbaugh decided to ditch his trademark trousers. 

"The Levi's or the Nike and the Dickie makes a flat khaki. So 'happy wife, happy life.' As far as tuckin' the shirt goes, that will be great. I'll feel like an innovator," the NFL coach told reporters at a press conference Wednesday. 


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