Jeremy Alcorn talks about life as a caddie on the PGA tour

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - Life on the PGA Tour is a unique one for players and their caddies.  They are on the road constantly throughout the year and the pair must spend endless periods of time together.

On the course and off, the caddie must keep his attention and his schedule focused entirely on the player.  The caddies walk miles over 18 holes carrying heavy equipment.  When they step off the course, they take the time they can to relax.

Jeremy Alcorn caddies for Brice Garnett. The pair was friends before they worked together on the course, and they used to play golf together.  Just beyond some hedges behind the spectators' view, several trailers are set up to help the caddies in their time off the course.

"Long days, come out, hang out here all day, and go back to the hotel room and do it all again the next day," Alcorn said.

Touring with the group, a large caddie trailer complete with a kitchen serves the golfers and caddies.  A few small tables line the walls of the trailer which have slide-outs and every seat is taken.

Alcorn said, "It's pretty relaxed, everybody just hangs out in here."

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