Honda Classic 2014: Locker room buzzing with activity

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - The Honda Classic officially started Monday.  While the professionals hit the course for the tournament later in the week, one part of PGA National is buzzing with activity: the locker room.

Behind a door clearly marked, "PRIVATE, Members Only," Locker Room Chairman Don Bonner is in charge. 

"I don't see a whole lot of stress.  Usually when they get here, it's out there.  They come in here to try to get rid of the stress," he said.

Monday, however, is not a serene day for Bonner. 

"Today, it's pandemonium, it's stuff coming from everywhere," Bonner said.

Lockers are labeled.  Honda Classic champions are grouped together.  Everybody else is in alphabetical order. 

Steve Stach is a field rep for Nike.  He is stocking the locker for 2012's winner, Rory McIlroy. 

"We have different apparel for him each week so we want to match up their hats," Stach said.

Stach says McIlroy wears the same material and style hat in different colors.  Every day he plays on the course, he wears a brand new hat.  The same goes for the six pairs of new gloves McIlroy will find in his locker.

Nike provides three dozen new golf balls to McIlroy. 

"Probably go through about a dozen a week.  But a lot of them like to sign them, give them to fans, they ask for extras, you never know," Stach said.

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