Home on the range, The Honda Classic style

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - While the golf course is typically a quiet place, and signs asking for silence are posted everywhere, David Cordero likely has the noisiest job. 

He calls it "ranging."  He drives the golf ball "picker" around the driving range and sucks up the golf balls that have been launched hundreds of yards.  His machine has gears and grinding wheels that do the job.

"If you go too fast, the balls just jump over the thing," he laughed.

Cordero plays a giant game of "Hungry Hungry Hippo," picking up golf balls.  He has noticed more variety in the types of balls this week, as the pros swing at their usual preference.

"You got Nike, you got everything here," he said. 

There is also more variety in where the balls land.

"They were sending them over my head on the tent.  That's like 300 yards, got to stay out of the way there, you know!" He laughed.

Cordero has never been hit by one of the balls, but as he's driving, his vehicle is hit several times a day.

"Sometimes that startles me, because that depends, when I'm going close, it gets hit like really hard," Cordero said.  "Kind of wakes you up."

This week, with the Honda Classic in town, Cordero's vehicle has been hit fewer times.  He believes it's because the pros have good aim.

"Today, I only got hit, like twice."

With all of the noise, he still describes his workplace as "peaceful" because his home on the range allows him to be contemplative.

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