Gold at stake in women's hockey today

Game at Noon on WPTV

SOCHI, Russia - You can see Team USA take on Team Canada at noon on WPTV.   The teams are bringing everything to the ice, and one of them will leave with gold.

"We've worked four years for this one moment," forward Megan Bozek told NBC. "We're right where we need to be. There's 60 minutes left for us to achieve our dream."

"We've all taken the last eight months to prepare for this moment," goalie Jessie Vetter said. "It's crazy, it's sports. It all comes down to one game."

The game will be a close match.  The teams are facing off for the fourth time in five Olympic gold-medal games.  Canada has captured the last three gold medals.

Team USA says this game is about revenge.

Canada has won 19 consecutive victories in Olympic play with three consecutive gold medals.  The only women's team that has received more than three consecutive gold medals in Olympic play is the U.S. women's basketball team from 1996 to 2012.

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