Jameis Winston: Florida State Seminoles quarterback says squinting is a habit

Dubbed: Jameis Squintston

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) -- Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston's squinting has everyone staring at the redshirt freshman.

It's so noticable, the Heisman trophy candidate has been dubbed "Jameis Squintston."

Cameras caught Winston regularly straining to see the play-call from coaches on the sidelines during the third-ranked Seminoles' win against Miami.

He wears contacts off the field but says it's uncomfortable to wear them when playing. And though his quarterback efficiency ranks No. 2 in the FBS, one expert says he could be better.

Steven A. Hitzeman, a clinical associate professor at Indiana's School of Optometry, says, "The better you see, the better you perform."

Coach Jimbo Fisher says Winston's vision has never been a problem and joked, "Think of the way he would play if he could see."

Hitzeman believes that's a legitimate question.


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