Car racing at the Palm Beach International Raceway

Some do it for the speed. Others, for the rush

JUPITER, Fla. - Not everyone has what it takes to get out on the race track. For those who do, the reward can be greater than the risk.

Some do it for the speed. Others, for the rush.

"Our race fans are people that have never gone down the drag strip and have never been in a race car," says Nelson Hoyos, chief instructor for Driven 2 Win. "So a lot of them say things I can't say on the air, but it gets their attention really quick. We leave the starting line at almost two and a half to three G's."

For those wondering, that's roughly three times the gravity pull on your body.

"We put a safety factor in. We give you that experience that way when you get in to the car to do it yourself, it not go awe," said Art Marshall, a driver for Driven 2 Win.

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