'Broncos Nuns' believe in Denver quarterback Tim Tebow

DENVER, CO.--Some fans believe sports can be a religious experience.

Just ask three special Denver Broncos fans. They are nuns who have been cheering on the team from a room at Saint Joseph Hospital in Denver for decades.

Now with the deeply religious Tim Tebow leading the offense, they've got one more reason to cheer.

The 'Broncos Nuns' believe Tebow's success could be divine intervention. After all, they say miracles are based on faith, religion and God.
"We believe that he's incarnate within each of us and, whatever reason, however it happened, he (Tebow) has gifts and the Lord is helping him to be the best that he can be," said Sister Renee Washut.

The sisters told 9news.com Tebow embodies the teachings of the Bible through his actions on and off the field. They attribute his strong belief in God to why he's been afforded so many miracles.

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