Brian McNamee, key witness in Roger Clemens perjury trial, contradicted by wife Eileen McNamee

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Roger Clemens perjury trial at its core pits one man's word against another's. Now the estranged wife of one of them, Clemens' accuser Brian McNamee, is weighing in as a defense witness.

Brian McNamee, the chief prosecution witness against Clemens, had portrayed Eileen McNamee as a shrill wife whose incessant nagging prompted him to save medical waste from an alleged steroids injection of the pitcher in 2001. McNamee told the jury that she was worried he'd be the fall guy for the injections.

Called to testify by Clemens' lawyers on Wednesday, Eileen McNamee seemed the antithesis of the woman described by her husband. Soft-spoken and calm, she said she didn't even know back then that her husband was injecting players with steroids and human growth hormone.

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