Basketball brings player Slobodan Miljanic from Montenegro to Boca Raton's Lynn University

BOCA RATON, Fla. - His name is Slobodan Miljanic, and while his specialty is basketball, he's also happy to help with a little geography lesson.  

"I am from a small country in southeastern Europe.  It's called Montenegro.  It's a really small country -- 600,000 people," said Miljanic  

As ESPN 760's Joe Girvan learned, Montenegro was formerly part of Yugoslavia.  It separated from Serbia about six years ago.  Miljanic left his homeland in 2009 to play basketball for the College of Central Florida.  After two years in Ocala, he moved to Boca Raton to play for Lynn University.  Like Montenegro, which borders the Adriatic Sea, South Florida has a pretty nice coastline too.  

"When I came on my visit, like, that's the first thing that I thought," said Miljanic.  

He also liked that Lynn's student body is about 25% international students.  

"It's really nice, like, to meet people with cultures all over the world," said Miljanic.    

Lynn head coach Scott McMillin says Miljanic fits right in.  He's amazed the 6'7" junior has only learned English over the last few years.  

"He's a loud guy. Sometimes in practice, I'll be honest, I have to tell him just, 'Slo, shut up.'  You know, and that's the truth," he said with a smile.  

Miljanic is Lynn's second-leading scorer.  He has one more year with the Fighting Knights, then hopes to return to Europe and play basketball professionally.

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