Annika Sorenstam hosts 2012 Allianz Championship Women's Executive Pro-Am in Boca Raton

The 2012 Allianz Championship Executive Women's Pro-Am took place Monday in Boca Raton and ten-time major winner Annika Sorenstam hosted the event.

"It's fun for me, I don't compete anymore or play as much as I should because I don't really have the time," said Sorenstam. "But for me to come out and give a clinic and share my experience and knowledge to give pointers out to anybody is fun for me."

"She is a world champion, having her grace us with her presence at the Allianz championship is just a huge feat for the community," said Ryan Dillon, the Allianz tournament director.

Annika not only wants to promote playing the game of golf to women, but to also be more involved in the sport.

"This way we can get women engaged. Today we're having a lovely day with all of the women together. It's obviously a great way to network and have fun and share some stories together," said Sorenstam.

"A lot of women you hear that they're kind of nervous around golf, or they get asked by a client to play golf and they're nervous to do that. Those are the barriers we're trying to breakdown. Making women feel more comfortable in the golf world," said Dillon.

The first round of the 2012 Allianz Championship will take place this Friday at the old course at Broken Sound.

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