26th annual Gary Carter Golf Tournament

There were many big names ready to hit the links at the Ironhorse Country Club on Monday, but one couldn't help notice who wasn't in attendance for the 26th annual Gary Carter Golf Tournament.

"It's just amazing that with what he's battling right now, that he still wanted to get this tournament on for other things, his foundation and autism," said former teammate Tommy Hutton.

Baseball Hall of Famer Gary Carter was diagnosed with brain cancer back in May of last year. The former catcher has heavily depended upon family and friends to make it through these tough times.

"I had colon cancer myself and lost my left kidney on my second surgery, so I know the struggle and uphill battle that he has and the fight that he has. Seeing him for the first time today brought a lot of joy to me," said former teammate Daryl Strawberry.

"It's really the person that Gary Carter is, and that's why he was so successful on the field - because of his character," said former teammate Howard Johnson.

The Gary Carter Foundation has helped thousands of kids in Palm Beach County through it's various reading programs, including eight title one elementary schools.

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