100-year-old Marlins fan

Every baseball fan has a team, a story, and a memorable moment.

"My father used to take me to the Brooklyn Dodgers games a lot," says Linda Riger.

"The Dodgers left, you root for the Mets, I'm still rooting for the Mets, but when I'm here I do root for the Marlins," says Marty Riger.

Marty Riger had no choice but to like the Marlins, especially when his mother-in-law Cele is such a hardcore fan. Recently, Marty sent his mother-in-law a Florida Marlins t-shirt as a gift for her 100th birthday.

"Of course I was surprised," says Cele Bruckner. "I said wonderful, but now that you've sent me a shirt, how about taking me to a game."

It's a game that continues to connect Cele to her family, which includes four children, six grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren.

"Being 100 years old, it's really something how she gets around and she's involved," says Linda. "She knows all of the players and knows all of the statistics."

The Florida Marlins may have the lowest attendance in baseball this season, but you can bet Cele is tuning in to every game right from her living room.

"I have to say this with sadness, when they're not on, I have to watch baseball because I love it. And I guess that will do for now," says Cele.

Despite their recent slump, Cele is still supporting her favorite team.

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