Bob Lutz to introduce new extended range vehicles at North American International Auto Show

VIA Motors has first EV Pickup, SUV and Van

(WXYZ) - Automotive legend Bob Lutz will be back at the Detroit Auto Show to launch three new electric, extended range vehicles. Lutz, who retired from GM in 2010, is on the board of VIA Motors.

VIA is unveiling  the world's first electric, extended range Pickup Truck, SUV and Van. VIA claims the vehicles will travel 30-40 miles on a lithium battery, and then go another 400 miles using an on board generator.

Bob Lutz is a true car guy. He has worked for all of the Detroit Three automakers.

As Vice Chair for General Motors, Lutz championed the Volt extended range vehicle. He was also instrumental in muscle car production as well as the re-introduction of the Chevrolet Camaro. He is still a consultant to GM.

VIA's introduction is scheduled for Tuesday, January 10th, 2012.

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